Saturday, April 20, 2013


Meet our next vendor, Sedula.

Hi!I am Lili, the owner of Sedula,the small, but very green local company. I grew up in the tiny country of Lituania, rich in history, handcrafting traditions, and natural beauty. For as long as I remember, crafting was always part of my life. I create unique, handmade, eco-friendly toys, accessories for home, self and garden. My mission is to use upcycled supplies as much as possible, and to minimize my environmental footprint. Due to the nature of my craft I'm always working on something new and exiting. It's never boring and always Green!

Here are a few pictures of her latest product:

 Heart Garland
 Handmade wool toy Dachsund
Handmade sheep pincushion
 Kindle and Ipad covers
 Fabric Napkins
Welcome, Sedula!  Check out her etsy shop here!

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